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One Platform for
360° Omnichannel
Customer Experience

CommBox is a completely open, customizable and secure platform that enables you to optimize customer engagement on all communication channels by using ready APIs, flexible configuration and advanced machine learning algorithms.


Advanced Customer Management System Customization

Quickly implement one application or a series of customer communication
channels, such as email, chat, video chat, SMS, voice and more.

Open Platform

CommBox’s open platform allows you to perform full-scale customization of the system at the client level. You can add JavaScript functions, customize CSS, redesign menus, add options, run your own JS code, and use other advanced features.

We support a wide variety of browser-based integrations and customizations that will help you to seamlessly embed CommBox’s functionalities into your existing systems.

Out of the Box

We have created several premade widgets for you to embed our Smart Inbox, dashboard, or conversations from any communication channel.

You can also build or integrate your own customer interaction apps on top of our robust app platform to manage all your customer communications from a single place.

Flexible Deployment Models

CommBox offers three different deployment models
to meet your security and business needs



We offer a secure, fully managed cloud computing solution that will work out-of-the-box on an all-cloud network.

Isolated Cloud

We can create an isolated cloud network so you can run your own set of nodes in our cloud. This allows you to separate and encrypt your data. Our installation and configuration processes are flexible and designed to work with any number of servers.


Are you ready for the cloud? No problem. CommBox offers a complete on-premise deployment model, in which only you decide the policies and procedures that will keep your data safe.


CommBox includes an open API that makes it simple to extend
and customize system's features and functionalities.



CommBox's platform has a complete RESTful API that thoroughly supports the platform operations for querying, creating and updating data.

Real-time Updates

CommBox's workflow engine exposes events for many internal customer service and support processes. These events can be reviewed and utilized by external systems to receive real-time notifications as well. This enables flexible and easy integration creating first-class customer service software that even your IT team will appreciate.

Single Sign-on (SSO)

CommBox allows automatic user authentication via Active Directory (LDAP) and supports "silent login" through Windows Authentication.

Omni-channel Platform Integration

Integrate different systems can be complex. But with CommBox, integration with your existing applications is done quickly and easily in order to work seamlessly with your current and future communication channels.

Contact and Call Center Integration

Interested in integrating CommBox with your Avaya, Cisco, or other contact center instead of your CRM system? That’s simple. Using our real-time API, you can automatically add multiple channels to your contact center work environment with ease.


Available Customization Tools

CommBox also offers a variety of assistive technology tools to help your agents manage their customer communications more efficiently. These tools enable your administrators to adapt the system to the organization's flexible business needs, work processes and branding guidelines.


Custom Fields

This module allows organizations to set custom fields that have not previously appeared, as well as to extend the data entities using dynamic fields. It enables each organization to add the specific fields it needs mainly for customer identification purposes (e.g. device type, CRM ID, room number, school where the customer studied, etc.).

Customer Verification

A module for flexible interfacing with other systems / APIs, allowing external services to verify customer actions (i.e. approve the payment through a third-party credit card service). It allows agents to identify customers and verify external actions in parallel to the actual conversations with the customers.

AD Smart Login

This module allows automatic user authentication via Active Directory (LDAP), so agents do not need to type another password while logging in to the system. It also supports "silent login" through Windows Authentication.

Client-side Customization

Beyond what is accessible via standard APIs, this module allows your system administrators to perform full-scale customization of the system at the client level. You can add JavaScript functions, customize CSS, redesign menus, run your own JS code, and use other advanced features.

Under the Hood

Fully Scalable
CommBox’s robust infrastructure was built from the ground up, with industry-leading and omnichannel scalability. Our system was built with high redundancy and availability to ensure that your communications with your customers will never be interrupted. Our scalable architecture was designed for high volume operations.

High-end Security
CommBox offers enterprise-grade security capabilities that ensures full control of your data. Our bulletproof security is packed with features that offer secure transport of data as well as automatic identification and obfuscation of sensitive information, IP whitelisting, advanced data filtering, flexible deployment models (cloud, private cloud, and on-premise), and much more.
The CommBox platform is used by organizations that demand high level, information security standards such as banks, insurance companies, large retailers, healthcare and government organizations.

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